Network Opnet Simulator

Network Simulator Opnet  provides the same ability to create and simulate network topologies as IT Guru (without the limitations of Academic Edition), but also provides access to the models of protocols and devices.That is, you can edit the source code of the IEEE 802.11 DCF model to experiment with variations of the access scheme. And you can create your own models .


Licensing Network Simulator Opnet

  • OPNET Modeler is commercial software. SIIT has a single-user license, meaning although multiple people may have the software installed, only one person may use it at a time.
  • The license was purchased with funding from TRIDI/NTC


Steps Involved in Network Simulator Opnet  

  • Network implementation
  • Low level design
  • MPLS technology
  • Prediction and validation of networks


Workflow of application characterization environment in Network Simulator Opnet  :

  • Capture traffic
  • Import packet trace files
  • Visualize application behavior
  • Diagnose problems
  • Explore potential solutions
  • Document application analysis
  • Import into IT guru for analysis