Opnet Examples

Opnet Examples on Communication Network:

Quick intro to Communication network:

  • Communication may be defined as the process of successfully transferring information between two or more parties.
  • Communication is usually based on the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

Advantages of wireless communication network projects:

  • WLAN network topologies can easily be configured to meet specific applications and installation need and to scale from small p2p network to very large enterprise network
  • User can access files, network resources and the internet without having to physically connect to the network with wires
  • Enterprises can also enjoy the flexibility of installing and taking down WLANs in location as necessary Rapid installation.


Opnet Examples on Wireless Communication using IDS system:


Opnet Examples on Wirless Communication

IDS in wireless communication:

  • An intrusion detection system (IDS) is an effective tool for determining whether unauthorized users are attempting to access, have already accessed, or have compromised the network.
  • IDS for WLANs can be host-based, network-based, or hybrid, the hybrid combining features of host- and network-based IDS.



Capabilities offered by wireless IDS in communication projects:

  • Detection of flooding and disassociation attempts before they successfully compromise the wireless network
  • Identification of the physical location of wireless devices with in the building and surrounding grounds
  • Provision of centralized monitoring and management features with potential for integration into existing IDS monitoring
  • Detection of unauthorized peer-to-peer communications within the wireless network that are not visible to the wired network
  • Detection of and alarming for when a rogue AP goes live within the agency’s security perimeter