Opnet Modeler Documentation

Opnet Modeler documentation enables the possibility to simulate entire heterogeneous networks with various protocols.  OPNET is very large and powerful software with wide variety of possibilities. What is basic need for Need for Opnet Modeler documentation?  Originally the software was developed for the needs of military, but it has grown to be a world leading commercial network simulation tool


Features of Opnet Modeler Documentation:

  • Simulation operates at packet level
  • Nowadays, possibility for wireless network simulations are also very wide
  • Mainly it was built for the simulation of fixed networks


Mobility way of Opnet Modeler Documentation:

  • Mobility vector.
  • Manipulation of node’s coordinates.
  • Mobility trajectory.


Procedure for place node in Opnet Modeler Documentation:



  • Place a <your_initials>_transmitter_nd near Washington, D.C., by dragging and dropping its icon from the Object Palette
  • Place a <your_initials>_receiver_nd near Philadelphia.
  • Name the two WDC_src and Philly_dest.
  • Draw a simplex link (<your_initials>_pt_base_9600) from Washington to Philadelphia (make sure you are not using the duplex link, which has an arrowhead at both ends).