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business tax preparation checklist

An accountant can help you track income and spending and make sure that you are assembling and maintaining the right documents. Accountants can spot and address cash flow problems and work with you to monitor the health of your business. You and your bookkeeper should be using accounting software, and your accountant can assist you with how to use it properly to generate documents needed at tax time.

Keeping tax documents in a safe place after you file can also come in handy if you get audited. If the IRS or your state tax authority examines your return, they might ask for records supporting the income and tax breaks on your return. Having this information in one place will speed up the process and help ensure you don’t lose any of your deductions or credits. Our small business tax prep checklist can help you get clear on the dates you need to file to make filing small business taxes easier.

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While a Schedule C, for example, can be filed with your individual income tax return due on April 15, other forms (such as the 1120S for S-corps) have other due dates as set by the IRS. Some small business owners can self-file their taxes using tax preparation software with a direct connection to the IRS’s website for electronic submission. This option makes sense for solopreneurs without employees, cost of goods sold, or depreciating assets. Creating a strong online presence also means embracing search engine optimization (SEO) and building authority.

  • The Disabled Access Credit is a non-refundable credit available to small companies that make special investments in order to enable persons with disabilities access.
  • Sole proprietors and C corporations get an additional month to file their returns, as Form 1040 and Form 1120-S are typically due on April 15.
  • If you made more than $400 from company activities and were self-employed, it should be recorded as income and included in your tax checklist.
  • You should also categorize your expenses — a task easily handled through most accounting software programs.
  • Lastly, taxes are due on the next business day if the filing deadline falls on a weekend or federal holiday.

Sole proprietors and single-member LLCs can request an extension using Form 4868, while other types of business entities should use Form 7004. If you use a program such as Quicken® to keep track of your finances, print a report of your transactions for the tax year (e.g. 2023). This will make your tax preparation much easier, and helps you clearly see where your money goes each year. • Have documentation for your deductions and credits, business tax preparation checklist including child care costs, education costs, adoption costs, home mortgage interest, charitable donations. The other taxes we mentioned before may have different filing or payment requirements outside of the traditional tax season, but it’s vital information to have organized throughout the year. As we move forward, the information on the checklist applies primarily to year-end income taxes, the ones due in March or April.

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Before scheduling your tax appointment, make sure your mileage log app has been updated and all trips have been properly classified as either business or personal. Print out the report and take it to your tax preparer, along with your vehicle mileage at the beginning and the end of the tax year. Avoid the temptation to “estimate” your mileage deduction—the IRS requires you to keep a log, and failure to do so can lead to your deduction being disallowed in the event you are ever audited. Many bookkeepers do not prepare tax returns, but an experienced bookkeeper knows many of the answers to your tax preparer’s questions—before your tax preparer even asks them. Schedule some time to review the previous year’s books with your bookkeeper.

business tax preparation checklist

If you’re filing using Schedule C, the form is a bit less complex, as it is only two pages. You can find all the forms you need to file small business taxes on the IRS website. As mentioned above, detailed records of business expenses you paid throughout the year can help lower your taxable income. You’ll need to get all of your company records together to report your business income and qualified business expenses. For those wondering how to file small business taxes and lower your tax bill, itemizing your expenses can help you do just that. As with other taxpayers, the IRS is eager to collect tax payments, so they’re often willing to work with small business owners to find a solution.

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It’s a complex field, which is why we’ve created this guide to help see you through. These personal expenses need to be recorded properly in your bookkeeping system, so they are not improperly deducted as business expenses. Gathering all of this information before you file your return may take some time, but it ensures you have everything you need to claim every tax deduction and credit available to you.

business tax preparation checklist

You’ve come to the right place — you can also use this as a self-employed tax checklist. Often, there are expenses you may not remember until after the beginning of the new year. In that case, enter the expenses into your bookkeeping by debiting the appropriate expense account and crediting an equity account. Bring documentation of the following losses if they apply to you in 2022. If you have any of the following deductions, known as adjustments to income, you can claim them even if you don’t itemize.

Stay on top of small business tax payments

You’ll need to know these requirements before you can file taxes effectively. You can’t file your taxes correctly without the right form or forms, so identifying the proper tax documents you’ll need is one of the first steps that any small business owner should take. For instance, if you owed a lot of tax when you filed and had to pay penalties, then boosting estimated tax payments during the year could be the right answer.

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