Working Across Multiple Time Zones as a Remote Team

Find the exact time difference with the Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator which converts the time difference between places and time zones all over the world. Some of the most effective meetings I’ve had with clients take just five or 15 minutes. It allows me to connect with a client, show my face, discuss pertinent details, and then move on with our day.

working across multiple time zones

The software can follow the speaker to make it easier to follow along with a conversation. Crowded city centers emptied out as people opted for communities where people had a little more space. For those living in tiny apartments, working from bed couldn’t be a long-term option, so many people found themselves looking for a new place. People even tested out the possibility of working from a foreign country or becoming more of a digital nomad.

How teams can best manage working across time zones

Odds are, a great teammate will get back to you when they begin working the next day. Whether you’re working in-office, remotely, or in a global office outside of your main headquarters, make sure you are open to discussing your own work hours and boundaries with your dispersed team. Similarly, invite your teammates to discuss their own work hours and boundaries so that way you all are familiar with the different timezones your everyone is working within. With the proliferation of remote work comes the likelihood of working with colleagues in different time zones.

  • Asynchronous communication has emerged as a preferred method for organizations operating across time zones.
  • However, it becomes more complicated when working with a global workforce (people who work on opposite sides of the world).
  • Having all shifts and time zones covered is especially convenient for support and customer service as people don’t need to work past the conventional work hours in their countries, in the case of an emergency.
  • We find a consultative process is most effective for companies with 50 or more employees and a rapid process is more impactful for companies with fewer than 50 employees.
  • This may work better for colleagues who want a more regular schedule to fit in with family commitments.
  • Employing an international team gives you all the productivity of a 24-hour workday, with colleagues able to pass projects in progress to international counterparts as they clock off.

If you have an extremely large team or you host calls with lots of external participants, it’s important to make sure everyone can join. If you are organizing the meeting, make sure that you have an agenda and give everyone a heads up on what to expect and what they need to bring to the table. Benefits and perks are important to millennials and Generation Z. Flexibility ranks at the top of the list of wants when job searching.

Remote Work Tips

Consider making a record of all culture-specific holidays to make sure no meetings or group work sessions are scheduled around those dates. Another key feature of such team chat apps is the pin option as it helps working remotely in a different time zone keep the important documents top of mind and easily accessible. With all the apps and tools available, the time zone difference can create plenty of confusion among employees working across time zones.

Successfully working across time zones requires leaning into async practices and remote collaboration tools, as well as building and nurturing relationships across different time zones. Some of the best practice examples suggest encouraging employees to craft their https://remotemode.net/ own shared experiences in company team chat apps. The most popular company channels in team chat apps usually include those public, #random channels, or some more specific channels that gather people who share the same interests (e.g. #books, #gaming, #memes).

Schedule less urgent emails to send at a time where international teammates are active.

Technology has continued to shape and develop the way we do just about everything in our daily lives. Using technology, teams are working across multiple time zones smoothly and it’s opening all kinds of doors for businesses. If you have found yourself part of a global team or even just one spread across the United States recently, we’ve got some ideas to help you work more effectively and be a great team player. The world is a changin’ and working across time zones is becoming more and more common for different industries. Whether you’re putting together a remote team, working with a digital nomad, or have officers across the world, I hope these tips and my hard-learned lessons help you out.

  • For example, if a manager detects an employee’s tone and body language have shifted negatively, they can politely and privately ask if the worker is okay and if there’s anything they can do to help.
  • Employees in the one-time zone can hand over half-finished projects to peers in another time zone to finish.
  • Routinely chatting (with the camera on) can help managers maintain awareness of their team’s mental health and workload.
  • The following best practices will help SMB employers navigate these challenges and reap all the benefits of remote work.
  • Having a strong resource library of documents and directives can answer a lot of colleagues’ questions without relying on simultaneous communication.