Opnet Modeler

Optimized Network Performance ensures a comprehensive development environment to model various communication networks and distributed systems. We offer Opnet simulator projects to enhance the behavior and performance of various systems by using discrete event simulations. We incorporate all phases such as model design, data collection, simulation, and data analysis. We deploy various communication and information processing to attain leverage model networks and distributed system which supports ACM reference paper. It ensures a specification of model through graphical editors.


Editor Tools in OPNET Modeler:

We ensure various tools for Opnet called editors to develop new simulation model for

M.Tech projects. They are

  • Node Editor.
  • Network Editor.
  • Parameter Editor.
  • Process Editor.

Modeling Wireless Network: We support various modeling network in final year project for students are

Radio Receiver Object: Radio Receiver object act as entry point in node for receiving packets on radio communication links.

Radio Transceiver Pipeline To Model Radio Link:This pipeline composed of fourteen stages and executed on per receiver basis whenever transmission occurs.

Antenna Object: It mainly used in radio transmission and affect simulation by association of Radio transmitters and receivers.


Opnet Modeler Simulator:

We support opnet simulator to perform simulation and to monitor the performance of network. It composed of low level design, MPSL Technology, Network implementation, Prediction and validation of networks.


Uses of Opnet Modeler:

We provide uses of simulation are:

  • Queuing Network Model.
  • Hardware Architecture Validation.
  • Traffic Modeling Of Telecommunication Network.
  • Multiprocessor and Distributed System.
  • Performance of Complex Software Systems.

Other simulation tool supported by our team:

  • NS.
  • NetSim++.
  • Omnet++


Voice Communication over Hybrid MANET using Opnet Modeler:

We deploy various processes of MANET services such as voice and video conference with QoS support.

  • To ensure multimedia service and voice over Internet protocol support session initiation protocol.
  • Different routing protocol for voice transmission are developed using OPNET simulator.


Performance Analysis Carried in Opnet Modeler: During voice transmission, routing protocol performance is measured using OPNET simulator. It se parameter fro protocols and configure routing for protocol, SIP client, Voice encoding, table configuration on each node.


Performance Metrics of Opnet Modeler:

We measured the following metrics in more than 80 projects are:

  • Jitter.
  • Packet delay variation.
  • Packet Delivery Ratio.
  • Routing load.
  • End to End delay.
  • Throughput.


Advantages of using Opnet Modeler Simulator:

We offer advantages are:

  • Cost.
  • Mobility.
  • Installation and Rewiring.