Listed Below are some of our Opnet Projects List which have developed for Engineering students as per requirements.

  • Optical network.
  • Green network.
  • Virtual private network.
Optical Network - Opnet Projects List

Virtual private network: [ Opnet Projects List]

  • A virtual private network (VPN) allows the provisioning of private network services for an organization or organizations over a public or shared infrastructure such as the Internet or service provider backbone network


Types of VPN:

  • Extranet VPNs.
  • WAN VPN.
  • Access VPN.



Architecture of Green Network- Opnet Projects List

Optical network: [ Opnet Projects List]

  • An optical network is a communications network in which transmission links are made up optical fibers, and its architecture is designed to exploit the optical fiber advantages
  • The main objective of this is to provide a huge capacity in communication networks, a common infrastructure over which a variety of services can be delivered


Properties of optical network:

  • Most used kind of system is IM-DD due to its simplicity
  • Digital signals offer advantages when they are transmitted and processed like easier procession, higher noise immunity and simple multiplexing
  • P2P links and distribution networks are the format or nature of transmission in DIGITAL IN
  • Performance of optical communication system depends on several issues such as geographical reach, network configuration and information features
Architecture of Virtual Private Network- Opnet Projects List

Green network: [ Opnet Projects List]

  • Research on energy-efficient communications networks, especially with respect to environmental concerns is commonly referred to as green networking.


Research on green networking:

  • Energy-aware applications.
  • Adaptive link rate.
  • Energy-aware interface.
  • Interface proxying.