Opnet Network Simulator Tutorial


Opnet is an important simulation tool. We guide Opnet Network simulator tutorial  which is computer software to simulate various network communication under final year project. We ensure Opnet as discrete event engine network simulation for fast and scalable solutions. We implement simulation written by (or) C+ + code. We develop Opnet Project to design Access Network transmission and inter office network communications.


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Opnet Project Goal: We implemented Opnet to aid the following factors in M.E projects are:

Large user community.

Easier to use.

Provide GUI (Graphical user Interface) and easy to learn.

Model entire network with router, switches, protocols, server.

Major Service provider.


Opnet Tools: We use the following tools in OPNET Projects for students projects are:

  • Nodal Model Editor.

Process Model Editor.

Source Code Editing Environment.

Simulation Model.

Analysis Configuration Tool.

Network Model Editor.


Application in OPNET: We adopted Opnet in more than 85+ projects and provide following applications are:-


Configure Web (HTTP) Application:We use Opnet to configure web browsing application, the applicationnamed Http should selected from built in Model List.

Configure E-Mail Application:Opnet provide preset configuration for e-mail as low load, medium load, High load and email size which define email message size in bytes.

Configure FTP Application: Opnet provide FTP application low, medium and high load. The file size

defines byte size. FTP file to transfer.

Configure Remote Login Application: It is similar to email and FTP application. During remote login session we use Inter command Time parameter and terminal Traffic Parameter.

Opnet Features: We adopt the following characteristics are:

Provide specification simulation and network analysis from different level


Design simple or sophisticated Network systems.

Ensure finite state machine model with analytical model.


Opnet Language: We implement Opnet by the following languages are:

Programmed by C.

Initial configuration by GUI, a set of Xml files.

Code written by C (OR) C++ language.


Opnet Riverbed Applications: We support and develop science direct based opnet projects. We use following are:

Application Management.

HD Analytics.


Granular Transaction Capture.