Opnet Manual

Opnet referred as optimum network performance. We offer opnet academic

projects to simulate various communication networks. Opnet Projects allows you to develop new network design protocols. It ensures a great flexibility among various layers to set parameters in complex network scenario. We implement Opnet projects for students and research oriented concept which mainly used in industry.


Opnet Modeler Architecture: We develop an architecture model for opnet environment and evaluate a network performance for various systems under M.Tech projects.


Categories of Model and Simulation: We implement various models and simulations for our projects are:


Model Specification: Opnet modeler support various model for reuse and stored in model libraries.


Specification Editor: We use various editor such as node editor, packet format editor, link model editor, project editor, ICI editor and PDF editor.


Modeling Domains: We enlarge various domains such as process domain, external system modeling environments, network domain and node domains.


Models, Objects and Attributes:


Models: It denotes behavior, information about creation; management processes, storage (or) relay are maintained.

Objects: Represent as entities.

Attributes: Used to configure object and denotes control available to user.

Data collection and simulation:

We maintain system performance behavior and collection of data by output

data types and selecting data for collection.

Analysis: We access and analyze the data by using a tool essential for graphic and numeric processing environment.


Opnet Simulator Characteristics: We support characteristics are:

  • Variety of comprehensive analysis tools.
  • Statistics data generation.
  • Graphic model approach.



Opnet Modeler:

We develop Opnet modeler for various networks which determined from

Elsevier papers are:-

  • Research oriented network simulation for wired and wireless


  • Designed for communication model, protocols and techniques to

simulate their performance.

  • It applied to simulate MANET, Ultra wide band. Bluetooth, Zigbee,

Wimax using an opnet tool.


Advantages of OPNET Projects:

We developed more than 80+ projects with opnet Advantages attained by us


  • Flexibility.
  • Reliability.
  • Scalability.
  • Mobility access.