In this section we are going to discuss about what are the researches are done in the following types of networks.

  • Tele communication network
  • 5G

Telecommunication network:

  • Telecommunication network is to provide a setup for communication between two or more spatially-separated users by electronic means, wherein the users might send/receive a broad variety of information in the form of voice, video or data.
  • The fundamental principle of telecommunications is the ability to  transmit information over a distance

Types of communication parts in telecommunication network:

  • Core network
  • Local or access network

Applications of telecommunication network:

  • Powered Ethernet systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Modems, phones and fax machines etc
  • VOIP equipment
  • MDF modules etc


  • 5G is a set of evolved network technologies.
  • But 5G aims to provide unlimited access to information and the ability to share data anywhere, anytime by anyone and anything for the benefit of people, businesses and society.


Need for 5G:

  • Latency
  • Traffic capacity
  • Smart communication
  • Data throughput
  • Technology convergence
  • Data integrity
  • Energy consumption etc

Advantages of 5G:

  • Ubiquitous thing computing
  • Great service in a crowd
  • Super real-time and reliable connections
  • Many simple devices coverage
  • Bit-rate delay
  • Delay, reliability ad new industrial applications
  • Amazingly fast etc