Peer to Peer Network Projects

Peer to Peer network projects  use a decentralized model in which each machine, referred to as a peer, functions as a client with its own layer of server functionalityPeer-to-peer (P2P) is an alternative network model to that provided by traditional client server architecture.


Characteristics of peer to peer network:

  • Nodes are autonomous
  • Nodes have widely varying capabilities
  • Network is dynamic
  • Nodes collaborate directly with each other
  • Clients are also server and routers



Benefits of Peer to peer network projects:

  • Built-in fault tolerance, replication and load balancing
  • Geographic distribution
  • Unused bandwidth, storage, processing power at the edge of the network
  • Nodes are self organize
  • Consumer of resources also donate resources
  • No need to deploy servers to satisfy demand
  • No single point of failure
  • Aggregate resources grow naturally with utilization etc


Research on p2p network:

  • Small, autonomous devices collaborating
  • High bandwidth residential and wireless access
  • Besides file sharing
  • Online communities gaining importance
  • Online gaming
Peer to Peer Network Projects