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Performance Investigation of Reactive AODV and Hybrid GRP Routing Protocols under Influence of IEEE 802.11n MANET

In modern technology era, the endeavor of MANET is to provide proficient wireless communication by adopting adhoc routing functionality in mobile nodes. The MANET nodes result in frequent network topology changes, making routing a challenging task. In past, Reactive routing approaches are used as a popular technique that provides scalable solution to relatively large MANET […]

Implementation and performance comparison of two similar Zig-Bee 802.15.4 WPANs in Mobile Subnet and satellite subnet using OPNET Modeler

The latter half of the twenty first century in India will witness the nascent technological advancements and the same will offer a highly complex and competitive environment. Service providers will be experimenting new options for ensuring seamless services in minimum time with the motif of spearheading competitiveness. Wireless technology revolutionized technical environment by offering many […]

Performance Evaluation of Zig-Bee 802.15.4 WPAN Designed in Satellite Subnet Using Opnet Modeler

In this advanced generation of science and technologies, nothing seems to be impossible. The new emerging technologies have made every dream possible. This paper deals with Zig-Bee wireless technique. The Zig-Bee wireless personal area networks (WPANs) are ad-hoc low power networks that are basically applicable in short range distance in low cost. These networks are […]

Research on Tactical Internet Battlefield Environment Modeling Based on OPNET

Making use of TMM of OPNET simulation tools and integrating the operational environment and mission scenario with the DSR routing algorithm of the mobile Ad Hoc network, this article presents a more realistic model of the tactical internet battlefield environment. It offers a good simulation environment for the tactical internet and information warfare.

A comparative study on RIP and OSPF protocols

Routing of data packets is one of the important process in the internet. A routing protocol specifies the method of communication among routers used in the inter connection of networks. There are number of routing protocols which have application on the internet like OSPF, RIP, EIGRP, OPNET, IGRP, etc. Every protocol has its own feature of […]

Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.15.4k Priority Channel Access with DSSS PHY

Low-energy critical infrastructure monitoring (LECIM) applications are rapidly increasing. A communication protocol developed to fulfill the LECIM requirements is the novel IEEE 802.15.4k standard. In this paper, we study the impact of priority channel access (PCA), a feature defined for high priority message transmissions in the IEEE 802.15.4k standard, in LECIM DSSS physical layer (PHY). […]

Proportional Sharing in Distributed Dynamic Spectrum Access-Based Networks

Dynamic spectrum access (DSA) is a promising technology to alleviate the exhaustion of spectral resources. To realize DSA, new technologies that enable fast discovery of the unused spectrum along with efficient spectrum management must be developed. In this paper, we propose a novel scanning algorithm and access etiquette to provide secondary devices differentiated spectrum access […]

Modeling and Analyzing Duty-Cycling, Pipelined-Scheduling MACs for Linear Sensor Networks

Linear sensor networks (LSNs) have recently attracted increasing attention due to the vast requirements on the monitoring and surveillance of a structure or area with a linear topology. However, there is little work on the network modeling and analysis based on a duty-cycling MAC protocol for LSNs. In this paper, we model a duty-cycling MAC […]

Performance evaluation of MPLS-enabled communications infrastructure for wide area monitoring systems

In order to obtain the transient power system measurement information, Wide Area Monitoring Systems (WAMS) should be able to collect Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) data in a timely manner. Therefore along with the continual deployment of PMUs in Great Britain (GB) transmission system substations, a high performance communications infrastructure is becoming essential with regard to […]

Video Quality Transmission Evaluation over Next Generation Wireless Networks

Future-generation wireless networks are increasingly ubiquitous, which allows countless numbers of netizens to create, share and access live video sequences with several content forms and textures. As a result, there emerges a dire need for mechanisms to assess the quality of video transmission. Today’s Mobile Networks are capable of solving many communication problems. However, it […]