Opnet Project Example

In this section we are going to discuss about what are the projects are developed by the opnet tool. For example, here we considered only three different networks. There are,

  • Opnet project example on Mesh network.
  • Opnet project example on Social sensor network.
  • Opnet project example on Disruption tolerant network.


OPNET PROJECT EXAMPLE – Mesh network:Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) are dynamically self-organized and self-configured, with the nodes in the network automatically establishing an ad hoc network and maintaining the mesh connectivity


Advantages of WMN:

  • Easy network maintenance
  • Low upfront cost
  • Reliable service coverage.
  • Robustness.


OPNET PROJECT EXAMPLE – Social sensor network: Social sensor network that estimates human social activities from sensor network data and analyzes the result in order to save energy in buildings


Applications of social sensor network:

  • Trajectory tracking
  • Applications to healthcare
  • Vehicle tracking applications


Issues on social sensor network:

  • Architectural challenges like data management, search, and mining; scalability to large-scale real-time information input and retrieval;
  • Privacy issues
  • Trust management.
  • Dynamic and inference management

OPNET PROJECT EXAMPLE-Disruption tolerant network:Disruption tolerant network represents an interesting alternative as it has no usage cost and could provide service coverage where it is not sustained by an infrastructure.


Characteristics of disruption tolerant network:

  • Asymmetric data rates.
  • Intermittent connectivity.
  • High error rates.
  • Long or variable delays.