Wireless Network Simulation in Opnet

Wireless Network Simulation in Opnet in the sense; enable one or more devices to communicate without physical connections—without requiring network or peripheral cabling. Wireless technologies use radio frequency transmissions as the means for transmitting data, whereas wired technologies use cables

Wireless Network Simulation in Opnet

Types of wireless network:

  • WWAN
    • 2G cellular
    • Cellular digital packet data
    • GSM
    • mobitex
  • WPAN
    • Bluetooth
    • IR
  • WLAN
    • 11
    • HiperLAN

Requirements on wireless network security:

  • Authentication.
  • Accountability.
  • Non repudiation.


Research on wireless network:

  • Cross layer design.
  • Define new technologies like ultra-wideband, software radio.
  • Design more localized algorithms.
  • Building working networks out of current fundamentals.
  • Hybrid ad hoc networks, heterogeneous sensor and ad hoc networks.
  • Sensor network issues such as reliability.


Architecture of wireless network simulation in opnet:

This is the architecture of wireless LAN

Architecture of wireless network