Opnet Modeler Tutorial

What do u learn out from opnet modeler tutorial? We guide u all about what is Opnet, how Opnet modeler plays a important role in research areas. Opnet modeler tutorial about network model and how to derive simulation output successfully. Opnet is a network simulation tool. Opnet Modeler, in particular, is a research oriented package.


Network model in opnet modeler:

  • Create your own object palettes to help you
  • Three types of subnets are handled in network model are satellite, wired and mobile
  • Support rapid configuration wizards
  • Network node represent network devices and groups of devices suc as
  • Servers, workstations, routers etc
  • LAN nodes, IP clouds etc


Simulation output in opnet modeler:

Three different kids of outputs are showed in opnet modeler are:

  • Animations
  • Node movements
  • Packet flows
  • Vectors
  • List of time-value pairs
  • Scalars
  • Not plotted vs. time
  • List of values dependent on parametric input


Event list concepts in Opnet modeler tutorial:

  • Events scheduled in time order.
  • Single global event list.
  • Event removed from event list when it completes.
  • Shared simulation time clock.