BE Projects is the art gallery of fine craft of projects with each artistry being a priceless one. Students who visit us always stand amazed by our works and legacies. This is a long and firm success that is still continuing. We feel proud that we were a part of your career network.


Computer Vision

  • Sensor and Stereo Vision
  • Model-based & Biologically Inspired Vision
  • Activity Segmentation and Formation
  • Cognitive Technologies
  • Object Trailing with Motion Flow

Big Data

  • Information Quality based Indexing
  • Cyber Infrastructure and Autonomic Computing
  • Visualization Analytics
  • Graph and Search Mining
  • Semantic-based Pre-Processing


  • Underwater Sensor Network
  • Software defined Network
  • VANET Simulator and MANET
  • Name Data Network
  • Delay Tolerant Network

Apart from the list mentioned above, we will also create projects in other domains as well. Currently, we are working in high-end cloud based projects. We will develop your project in open as well as licensed cloud, depending on your demands.


  • Multi-agent System
  • Green IT Scheduling
  • Cognitive Computation Offloading
  • Big Data Deduplication
  • Geographically Distributed Cloud

Our team has the flair to develop project in the same way as you expected. Each project developed by us so far has the touch that would hypnotize your examiner. This is not just a statement but our oath for your project.  

Unlike normal project works, we work with the motive to provide 100% best work. We also utilize latest algorithm for our project creation. In fact, we imply hybrid algorithms that would yield better outcome.


  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Apriori Algorithm
  • K-Centroid Neighbors
  • K means++
  • XGBoost
  • Deep Learning Algorithms
  • Stochastic Neural Network
  • Siamese Neural Network
  • Capsule Neural Network
  • Cellular Neural Network
  • Compositional Pattern Producing Network
  • Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Four-Q-Curve
  • Fully Homomorphic Encryption
  • Salsa20
  • SEAL Approach
  • Merkle Hash Tree

Music subdues the heart whereas BE Projects appease both heart and mind. We always behave like a friend and walk you through your project. This will bring you out of your comfort zone and let you share your expectation crystal clear. At last, your BE Projects is ready to be served to your project inspector.

‘When you come to us, you will BE a star, When you work with us, you will BE universe’!!!