BIG DATA PROJECTS evoked upon intention to abutment the enthusiastic and ingenious sense among our exclusive way. Big data are nearly innovative projects, which comprise extensive span in favor of research. You be able to come close to us anytime with your wishes, we resolve grant you preeminent clarification as for each your resilience.


  • Analysis of a Network IO Bottleneck also in Big Data Environments Based on Docker Containers
  • A Cloud Computing Based Network Monitoring and also Threat Detection System for Critical Infrastructures
  • SFPM: A Secure and Fine-Grained Privacy-Preserving Matching Protocol also for Mobile Social Networking
  • Practical Identification of Dynamic Precedence Criteria to Produce Critical Results from Big Data Streams
  • Privacy Aware Access Control also for Big Data: A Research Roadmap   (BIG-DATA PROJECTS)
  • Multi-Label Regularized Generative Model also for Semi-Supervised Collective Classification in Large-Scale Networks
  • An Efficient Time Optimized Scheme for Progressive Analytics also in Big Data
  • Reference Architecture and Classification of Technologies, Products and also Services for Big Data Systems
  • Big Data Analytics for Dynamic Energy Management also in Smart Grids   (BIG-DATA-PROJECTS)
  • Efficient Machine Learning also for Big Data: A Review
  • Parallel Techniques also for Large Data Analysis in the New Version of a Futures Trading Evaluation Service
  • Multi-Tier Resource Allocation also for Data-Intensive Computing
  • Hierarchical Collective I/O Scheduling also for High-Performance Computing
  • The Evolvement of Big Data Systems: From the Perspective of also an Information Security Application
  • Significance and also Challenges of Big Data Research