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Retail Logistics Software Solutions Development: What to Choose?

Nowadays, you can ask your 3PL provider to utilize a solution that offers real-time data integration with your systems and total visibility over route planning and delivery management. These forecasts showing continuous demand for online shopping are forcing many retail management and executives to focus on their e-commerce operations. To meet the growing demand for […]

What Is Development Automation

For example, an app development team that has the sales team as stakeholders will have different priorities and metrics they’re trying to reach than teams that support healthcare or social media apps. According to a State of Agile report, 71% of teams adopt Agile and DevOps practices into their workflows to meet quick turnaround times […]

Business Analyst Job Description

The job description for those involved in business analysis means using data analysis to help them determine what is working in an organization, and what needs to be improved. A huge part of their job is to blur the line between IT and business to help improve efficiency in an organization. Business degrees can find […]

Unlock the Power of DevSecOps with Newly Released Kubernetes Experience for Platform Engineering

Testing also lets you check that specific files are in the correct location and have the correct content. To create smaller, more resilient images, and to make your containers easier to build and run, make sure you follow the best practices for building containers. Sometimes add-ons require upgrades, but it’s important to check whether the […]