M2M Projects

M2M projects is rising study field and its view in IoT brings out many expertise. Thus, the scholars who selected their research area as M2M projects have a great year ahead. At present, projects with M2M team up both scholars and industrials to meet the today dares. In order to recruit the research with such broad area, you entail full-fledged guidance and support. Those insist are all the time eternal if you work with us. Our masters expose their act in M2M based projects in noise less mode. But the success of our scholar makes our work in piercing manner.   

Inimitable Characterisitcs of M2M

  • Dual way communication
  • Consistent communication and low latency
  • Low energy and processing power
  • Trivial and rare data transmission

Our incidence in online is endless, hence you could deftly at hand to us. Besides, our mavens groom projects with M2M under modern communication standards to depart you from others. With our aid, you can wind up with unique research with new ideas.  

9 High-class Standards

  • 3GPP
  • ETSI
  • IEEE
  • TIA
  • GSMA
  • WFA
  • WiMax Forum
  • OMA

Elite Applications based M2M projects

  • Utilities
  • Traffic Control
  • Manufacturing
  • Robotics
  • Transportation
  • Security
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Facility Management
  • Healthcare

Our nominal crew is aware of day to day actions in M2M to carry unique study.  As well as, our experts are intent in upgrading of latest practices. Our specialists will escort you to select the fresh emerging topics based on your interests in M2M based projects.

Loftiest 3 Topics under M2M projects


  • UHF RFID gate control system
  • Chemical vapor detection
  • Material delivery system
  • Missing tag identification
  • Tag Trajectory recognition
  • Human Identification
  • RFID tag tracking and localization

Wireless Sensor Network/Internet of Things

  • USIM card based authentication
  • Cyclic resource scheduling
  • Green powered base station
  • Proximity coordinated random access
  • Redundancy based routing
  • Energy efficient M2M routing
  • Event driven M2M communication

Cellular Networks

  • Group based massive multiple access scheme
  • In-network aggregation
  • Smart water system
  • Traffic categorization
  • Packet scheduling
  • Relay assisted D2D

Apart from above topics, we also afford edifice to your own concepts in epic way. Our experts will make your bitter roots of research into the fruit sweet. Therefore, if you initiate project with us, you will definitely feel our pearl work. Hence, don’t waste your valuable time and commerce us instantly to gleam in your research.