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  • A novel approach of medical image processing also by using a new FPGA-based real-time configurable system.
  • A new mechanism for Fast 2D and 3D image processing also with OpenCL
  • A novel technology for MicroBlaze based image processing system also by using IEEE1394a
  • An efficient usage of CORBA for perform a process of a model also for distributed medical image processing using
  • FPGA and Model Based Implementation Using Image Processing Algorithms also based on Moving Object Tracking Application.
  • The purpose of the Application of Coal Cleaning Detection System process Based on Embedded Real-Time Image Processing (MATLAB-SIMULATION.COM)
  • An efficient usage of Qt and also OpenCV for image processing applications used for the Implementation of mobile platform
  • The usage of Artificial Neural Network also for perform Image recognition and processing
  • A new mechanism for fast reading and also processing method of batch human CT image data
  • A novel technology for Three-dimensional image processing VLSI system also with network-on-chip system and reconfigurable memory architecture
  • An efficient usage of new interpolating wavelets also to perform Hybrid perceptual image processing.
  • The performance of on APB bus with CMOS image sensor also by using Design of on-chip image processing.
  • An efficient performance of GPU accelerated real time polarimetric image processing also through the use of CUDA.
  • A new methodology for Extraocular image processing performed also for retinal prosthesis based on DSP (MATLAB-SIMULATION.COM)
  • An efficient process on a focal plane image processor-a realization of the near-sensor image processing concept also based on  VLSI implementation.



Just completed fruitfully an IEEE project!!!!!!

A novel study of Feasibility analysis for incorporating/deploying SIEM for forensics evidence collection in cloud environment