Network Security majorly pays attention to the cryptography and cryptanalysis domains which are most probably used for online users’ safety. In truth, Network Security Projects List is constantly advancing worldwide through expert’s broad range of creative research ideas in Network Security. Through this page, one can spot the recent research trends in Network security.   

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At the present time, Cryptography and Cryptanalysis only address network, data, mobile, cloud, and endpoint security. To reinforce network security, researchers follow machine and deep learning techniques. Furthermore, there exist so many methodologies and hybrid techniques. Based on the selected research topics, you can master the research solutions.

Top 6 Network Security Projects List

As the popularity of online gambling continues to grow, credit card holders in Romania often rely on their Mastercard cards to engage in online gambling, particularly at mastercard cazinouri. This surge in online transactions has also sparked a corresponding interest in network security, as the need to protect sensitive financial data and personal information becomes increasingly critical. Due to the constant threat of cyberattacks, the top 6 network security projects have gained popularity. These projects are aimed at strengthening the digital infrastructure to protect against new threats, including those aimed at financial transactions conducted by players in Mastercard online casinos. Strengthening the security of online payment systems, such as those used in Mastercard transactions, is a vital component of these projects. Translated with (free version)
  • Big Data-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • IoT aware Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
  • Security in 5G Network
  • IDS with Deep Learning Techniques
  • IoT enabled Certificate Authority Management System
  • Power Consumption Reduction using Network Optimization

Above, we have just listed few ongoing research works. Beyond this, there are infinite research ideas on network security. Now, we are going to talk about the 5G Network, for instance. 5G network security is one of the most evolving topics in network security. Most importantly, it gives you an incredible number of research ideas for scholars from any part of the world.

Security in 5G Network

  Actually, 5G run through various new necessities for different network abilities. Also, it intends to employ many optimistic network technologies which specified as follows, 

  • Information-Centric Network (ICN)
  • Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Network Slicing
  • And Many more

It also supports a vast number of connected devices that merge advanced technologies and modernize new techniques. As a result, it surely carries massive security, privacy, trust, and data volume magnitude challenges. Hence, secure network designs, mechanisms, protocols, data security, and privacy are required to address these issues. 

Research Network Security Projects List for Students

Next, from the system development point of view, we will present a few simulation tools that yield good results for network security applications or models. Our developers have extensive experience in handling various simulation tools such as NS3, OPNET, OMNeT++, Matlab, Mininet, etc. Here, we have listed few commonly used simulators to design and execute network security projects. 

Simulation Tools in Network Security

    • Designing a network based on Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) which is a main module of a smart grid network environment for communication
    • In this, NANs are entirely based on infrastructure to support large physical area like WiMAX or LTE system
    • Then, 6LoWPAN based NAN architecture supports smart meters and various applications of QoS needs and the network’s performance is evaluated through discrete event simulation model
  • Mininet
    • Suits for designing SDN based Network Security projects
    • For this, we can utilize OpenFlow based firewall application
    • Next for process, we can use Oracle virtual box and open-source POX Controller which supports python
    • Herein, Virtual Box furnishes a background to form virtual network
    • Enables the SDN firewall and Stateful features integration to makes intelligent firewall
    • And this firewall, prevents attacks like DoS and DDoS attacks from hackers or impersonators
    • Next, the intelligent controller investigates the network behavior and to perform as distributed firewall.
  • QualNet
    • For instances, we can use QualNet 5.0 to create a network security project
    • In fact, QualNet simulator is appropriate for both wired networks and wireless networks
    • Here at physical layer, Radio channel model 802.11b in interfaces are used for communication
    • Next, Privacy-Preserving Authentication protocol is proposed to perform following tasks,
    • By considering security and privacy aspects with anonymous access request matching mechanism, we can attain shared access authority 
    • Adaptability of attribute-based access control to understand that the user has access rights only on own data fields
    • To perform data sharing with multi-users, proxy re-encryption is applied
    • And also, it is equipped with EXata+ tool which specially meant for security

You can select any tool from the above tools since we are here to design any network security projects list it as per your needs. We are also ready to develop your idea in your interested or suggested tool and technologies more than these tools.

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