Wireless networking is a system that is not linked through wires and usually uses radio waves for transmission between the network nodes. Our experts in networks have described how those network nodes are permitted devices to be linked with the Network while roaming around in the network coverage. On this page, the most crucial ideas in Network Thesis are given for master students!!!! Firstly, we describe here a few points about the good characteristics of thesis PhD proposal. Let’s have a rapid look one by one.  

Computer Networking Thesis Topics for students

What is Network Thesis?

Network thesis is a practical study of research which is a report for a project done in networking field. In other words, it is an empirical research study related to information created by experiments or observations in networking.

What are the chapters of a Network MS Thesis?

A Traditional MS Network Thesis format consists of five chapters. The five chapters structure is identical whether you are carrying out subjective or quantitative research. Such five chapter titles are: 

  • Background / Overview / Introduction
  • Review of the Literature
  • Methods / Research Methodologies
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusion and Future Directions

Our team follows these five chapters with powerful content according to the topic in Master Thesis Topics in Network. For that, we follow some principles to be the best platform in MS thesis writing. Some of our good qualities to create MS Network projects are listed below. 

What are the features of good Network projects?

  • Simulation is implemented for large scale environment
  • Assist for Parallel Simulation
  • Analyze Implementation Plan by best simulation tool
  • Tracing, Debugging and Experiment Specifications
  • Precise Experiments for Simulation

If the topic of your research paper is mostly done, then surely you must authenticate it. For that, we choose appropriate libraries, functions, packages, modules, and functions based on the research idea in the Network Thesis. So that results are appropriate and authenticate to prove in the research community, and our professionals suggest network simulation libraries and their function here. 

Important Network Simulation Libraries Packages

            In the following, we listed some of the network libraries and the corresponding purposes in the network.

  • Legacy Networks Library
    • Slotted ALOHA MAC and ALOHA
    • Satellite Communication
  • Internetwork Library
    • TCP / IP
    • ARP and Ethernet
    • Wireless LAN (e.g. IEEE 802.11)
  • Cellular Networks
    • Code division multiple access 
    • Global system for mobile communication
    • Cell-based mobile communication
  • IoT Library
    • IPv6 Addressing at L3 layer
    • Assist 6LoWPAN
  • MANET Library
    • Routing such as DSR, OLSR and AODV
    • Broad Mobile Environment
    • DTDMA / TDMA with MAC Support
  • LTE Library
    • Enable D2D Communication
    • Wide support for LTE-A/ LTE
    • Permits Femtocell Modelling
  • Cognitive Radio Library
    • Runs on IEEE 802.22
    • Allows Dynamic Channel setup

Severally, we listed a few effective simulation tools to give a better choice to develop a first-class MS Network Thesis.

Best Network Simulation Tools

  • NS2 and NS3
    • NetSim and GNS3
    • OMNeT++
    • Matlab

Instead of these, there are many tools in Network Simulation. Our experts prefer you with the right network simulation tools according to your topic via Master Thesis Topics in Network Thesis if you unite with us. And we also guide you with those tools, plan endorsement performance, and data collection of research if necessary. For example, we give utter data of NS3 for a note.

What is the use of NS3?

  • A free simulation tool with C++ and Python
  • It Has comprehensive modules lists for a particular intent and work as an Emulator
  • Support generally in latest research purpose of wireless networks
  • WiFi and LTE modules help to communicate with current devices
  • Works on all reputed OS such as Windows, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X
  • Support for any events simulation and connected communications
  • IR-WPAN and Wi-Fi
  • LTE accompany with Network
  • Energy as well Wi-Max
  • TCP, Internet and UAN
  • Traffic Control and Broadcast
  • Application Module UAN


  • Describe Topology of the Network
  • – rformance Analysis
  • figuration
  • d also doing a project by all latest list of updates of NS3. Containers for nodes deployment
  • Fix FiFixFConsists of channel models, mobility models, application and IP models
  • Prototypical Augmentation
  • Enlarge by a Well-defined Mobility and Channel Models
  • Events are simulated according to the Model Configuration
  • Network Device and Link Measures
  • Define Node and Link Attributes like Data rate, Latency and also Packet Loss
  • Control Command Influence
  • Implementation of Simulation
  • Develop a file and examine results in a command rapidly
  • Operation Analysis
  • Modeling Network with help of NetAnim
  • Analyze the function via GNU plot


  • NS3.26
  • NS3.27
  • NS3.28
  • NS3.29
  • NS3.30

We assist with any one of the above-listed latest versions of NS3 for your research project. Each tool consists of specific particulars in different coding languages and IDEs.

Bring to light; we are the right place to doing your master thesis with up-to-date knowledge on each tool with the help of apt Modules, Languages, Libraries, and other traits. And we are ready to support 24*7 to provide you with a standard Network Thesis. Here, we have a separate technical team of experts suggesting enormous Master Thesis Topics in Network who make your Network Projects benchmark.