Ns 2 Simulator Download

         Through this article, you guys will learn to download the Ns2 simulator while following the guidance that is provided by our research developers. Let’s start with requirements to start the Ns2 simulator downloading process.

Install Basic Requirement

         The below mentioned Ubuntu commands are deployed to install the essential packages based on Ns2.

apt-get update

apt-get install perl xgraph libxt-dev libx11-dev libxmu-dev

apt-get install gcc-4.4 cpp-4.4 gcc-4.4 gcc-4.4-base

Ns 2 Simulator Download

          Following that, we have to download the Ns2 simulator through the URL which is highlighted in the following.


Link to Download Ns2 Simulator

Create Simulation Using Ns2

        To create a simulation using Ns2, we have to create a source file with the file extension .cc and the main file of the simulation stored with the file extension .tcl.

Creation of Ns2 Simulation

         Finally, we have downloaded the Ns2 simulator, through this highlights you guys can download it by your own. If you have any queries while downloading, you guys can feel free to reach us and our technical experts will resolve the issue.