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  • A novel technology for VANETs with IEEE 802.11p by also using  OPNET-based modeling and simulations on routing protocols.
  • The process of large scale wireless sensor networks also based on Modeling of the modified SSLE in OPNET.
  • The usage of Research on a hardware-in-the-loop simulation method also for performs process on wireless network based on OPNET.
  • An efficient performance in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks also by using Assessment of Throughput Performance Under OPNET Modeler Simulation Tools.
  • The performance evaluation of modified SSLE in sensor networks also by using OPNET.
  • The purpose of SIMULINK and OPNET used also for Co-simulation of wireless networked control systems over mobile ad hoc network.
  • The process of Design and implementation based on Wireless channel pipeline stage also for LTE based satellite network in OPNET. (NS2PROJECT.COM)
  • An efficient usage of OPNET simulator for improving QoS also used for perform Comparative analysis of handover and traffic classes in UMTS.
  • The Advanced trajectory management techniques used also for perform process on mobile nodes in OPNET Modeler environment.
  • The performance of LANDY routing protocol also based on Impacts of OPNET physical layer modelling.
  • An efficient usage of OPNET modeler used also for the process of Validating a custom IPv6 security application.
  • The Small Scale Wind Power Farm Monitoring also Based on IEC 61400-25 by using OPNET Simulation Model.
  • The process of EPON with sleep mode enabled by also using OPNET based on Modeling and simulation.
  • The evaluate Fibre Channel as an avionics interconnection system by also using OPNET. (NS2PROJECT.COM)
  • The performance of Range Communications based on the Modeling and also Simulation of Fading and Pathloss in OPNET.



At the moment finished!!!

A new mechanism for Sensor Deployment With Limited Communication Range in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks