OMNeT++ Install

          Let’s take a glance over the steps that are essential to install the OMNeT++ packages in the following.

Stage: 1

         To begin with, we have to download the OMNeT-4.6 win 32 version through the following link.


URL to Download OMNeT-4.6

        As soon as, it is downloaded we have to extract the file into d:\\

Stage: 2

        Following that, we have to install the OMNeT-4.6 through clicking the “mingwenv.cmd” file and executing the following three commands in the system.

1) . setenv

2) ./configure

3) make

Stage: 3

        Finally, the OMNeT++ is functional with the eclipse based simulation IDE and it is started through the implementation of the below mentioned commands in the mingwenv window.


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