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  • An efficient framework for interference control used also in Software-Defined mobile radio networks
  • A new technique used for Fault Management in Functionally Distributed Transport Networking also used for Large Scale Networks
  • The performance of Timer-Based Push Scheme also used for Online Social Networking Services in Wireless Networks (PHDPROJECTS.ORG)
  • The performance of Enhancing tag-based collaborative filtering also based on integrated social networking information
  • A novel technology for Mean free path applied to message dissemination processing also in opportunistic networks
  • A new method for Parallel Evolutionary P2P Networking used also for Realizing Adaptive Large-Scale Networks
  • An efficient usage of data mining and wordnet ontology also used to perform  an approach for deceptive phishing detection and prevention in social networking sites
  • The performance of multi-dimensional trust levels also used to perform the process on Secure pervasive social networking
  • An efficient usage of information-centric networking also used for Scalable point-to-multipoint communication for cloud networking
  • The performance of Adaptive Alienated Ant Algorithm also used for Software-Defined Networking
  • An efficient mechanism process also on Networking requirements of the Rapport multimedia conferencing system
  • The usage of Loop-Free Alternates with loop detection to perform process on Scalable resilience for Software-Defined Networking (PHDPROJECTS.ORG)
  • A novel methodology for Enabling correct interest forwarding and retransmissions in a content centric network
  • The process of an Ontology-based Access Control Model used for Social Networking Systems
  • A novel methodology for multi-service multi-role integrated information model for dynamic resource discovery in virtual networks


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An efficient mechanism for Level-set image processing methods in medical image segmentation