Qualnet Projects

Qualnet projects renders the excess burden of the students and scholars by handy help. Qualnet allows the scholars to design and simulate the networking concepts. It is well-known for its network visualization and flexible configuration. But in truth, most of the online services even don’t have the license for Qualnet. They simply have done your projects in other tools. Clearly, they have only limited fluency with this tool. Unlike others we have used to work in Qualnet over 10+ years. Thus, if you are seeking for Qualnet projects guidance, then we are the best place.


Software Defined Networking

  • Policy driven scalable SDN
  • Self-management for SD-WLAN
  • SD-based RAN for 5G
  • QoS and QoE aware multimedia routing
  • Data and control plane optimization

Network Function Virtualization

  • Virtualized network components
  • Service chaining and VNF routing
  • RAN virtualization and orchestration
  • Programmable network topologies
  • Federated virtual cloud system

Cognitive Radio Network

  • Cognitive radio for smart grid communication
  • High frequency band spectrum allocation (mmWave, THz)
  • Geo-location based spectrum access and handoff
  • Energy and spectrum aware routing
  • Multi-user and multi-channel CRN

Internet of Things

  • 6TiSCH based IIoT
  • Secure and efficient RPL routing
  • Blockchain based IDS
  • Object tracking and detection
  • Smart healthcare data transmission

Communication Systems

  • M2M, D2D, MTC and URLLC communication
  • LTE, LTE-A, LTE-M, LTE-R systems
  • Multi-antenna and hybrid beamforming
  • QoS in beyond 5G communication
  • Future non-RF communication

For any project, result is the core and it has to be precise. But the precise results demand excess expertise and practice. If our years of merit join with your project, then your project will become a matchless force.

Accompanying Tools with QualNet

  • Exata and Exata+Cyber
  • StealthNet Cyber Library
  • Network Defense Trainer
  • Joint Network Emulator

MODEL PROJECT (Routing in WSN) using QualNet

  • Install QualNet with the following specifications,
    • Processor: 64-bit (x86-64)
    • Memory: 2GB to 4GB
    • Disk: 2GB to 5GB
  • Initialize Network Parameters
    • Number of sensors and sink
    • Initial energy level
    • Transmission range
    • Packet size and types
    • Ratio of clustering
  • Initialize Algorithm Parameters
    • Clustering algorithm
    • CH selection
    • Routing algorithm
    • Channel configuration
    • Scheduling configuration
  • Create the network (Design Mode)
  • Write the algorithms
  • Visualize the created network (Visualize Mode)
  • Analyze the created network (Analyzer Mode)
  • Use scenario player (for 3D-visualization)
  • Terminate the process

In the model project, we have specified a tentative flow of a project. Are you eager to learn more thoughts? Then, stand with us. In simple, we will teach you to do your projects own instead of giving just results.