Software Defined Networking (SDN Project) architecture aims to increase network programmability and flexibility through breaking up control plane from the data plane. SDN Projects are currently offering a very important and wide-ranging research platform for scholars who are looking for master-piece work in their PhD/MS profession. 

To be sure, SDN makes efficient network formation and monitoring with an assurance to enhance network performance. And also, it leads the complete network with steadiness and thoroughness despite network technology.

Well, from the above description you may have an idea of SDN and its purposes. Now we can see about components that help to construct SDN architecture.


  • SDN Controller – Perform requirements translation from the SDN application layer to the SDN Data paths. And also, it offers network view, network traffic and central network policies storehouse for SDN applications
  • SDN Data path – Deploys switch to transfer data packets over a network.
  • SDN API – API stands for Application Program Interfaces. Whereas, it creates the both open and proprietary communication between SDN Controller and routers.
  • SDN Application – Establish interaction over network resources and network devices with the SDN controller by using the northbound interface (NBI)
Software Defined Networking SDN Project

Additionally, layers also play a key role in depicting SDN network architecture. Since in SDN Project, the underlying network structure is represented through the following layers only.

  • Application Layer – Interact with the behavior, required resources and SDN controller.
  • Control Layer – Bring about policies and traffic flow to handle the activities of data plane.
  • Infrastructure Layer – Composed of the physical switches in the network.

As you know already, PhD / MS work mainly relies on research and development of SDN Project. The initial step to be taken in the research journey is research topic or problem selection. For that, our resource team highlighted some important ongoing thesis work in the SDN area.

Research Topics in SDN Project

  • Flow Rule Installation
  • Elastic Resource Provisioning
  • Dynamic Load Balancing and Migration
  • Advance Security through Machine Learning
  • DDoS Attacks Identification and Mitigation

Likewise, our technical developers spotted out few simulators that are efficient to design simulate the SDN project application to attain accurate outcomes.

Network Simulators in SDN

  • Mininet It is efficient to create a network that consists of entities like virtual machines, connectivity links, controllers, etc. And it is suited for highly flexible custom routing and SDN Project by using switches which supports OpenFlow. The virtualization works based on process to run many hosts and switches on a single OS kernel. At that point, design the virtual network that executes actual kernel, switch and code on VM, cloud or native in seconds by a one command. Therefore, it is appropriate for the designing, learning, modelling, testing, bug fixing, and etc.
    • Mininet – HiFi – Apt for rapid workflow prototyping
    • Mininet CE – Fitting for Worm propagation analysis
  • NS3 – In fact, NS3 is intended to enhance and support Network Simulator along with SDN Technology. For instance, it uses OpenFlow 1.3 (OFSwitch13) module. The OpenFlow switch remotely connect towards process as controller through secure channel. Based on an abstract controller, SdnListener class enhances by libfluid library functionalities. As a result, this class take controller event as input and forward to its event_callbackmethod.
  • Omnet++ – Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a new model to develop communication network by distinguishing the forwarding elements control plane from the data plane. By this way, SDN Project enables fast and simple network devices configuration through a flexible framework. Then other noteworthy method that offers a high flexibility is OpenFlow. It implements the SDN concept while executing SDN project in the network flows routing.
  • Estinet Here, we can organize a Centralized network along with ‘n’ SDN switches. Based on control plane network ‘n’ switches are associated to a controller. In this, the OpenFlow Protocol is used to monitor and control the switches in the network. On the control plane network, the controller is composed with the MAC address learning and spanning tree protocol for control ability. On the data plane network, the upper-left host act as message sender while the bottom-right host act as the receiver. On using this OpenFlow protocol messages, the communication establishes among SDN switches and control while the simulation.

Equivalent to your research and execution, the thesis is also more important because it is a work of documenting your entire PhD work for your followers. It explicitly voices out your research contribution to readers through valuable words. So next we move on to the thesis section.

What is Master Thesis Statement?

The first thing to know about the thesis is “Thesis Statement”. This statement brings out the weightage and worth of the whole thesis and study of SDN Project. Therefore, it has a set of ethics to form the thesis statement.

Surely, the length of a thesis statement must describe the research contributions based on your works. Most importantly, make sure that your thesis statement pinpoints the selected topic and direction of the research to readers. 

Perfect writing is more significant than rules like these. A complex argument may need a crisp and clear paragraph to make its initial declaration of position. By native English writers and technical experts, we can write quality thesis for your master projects in SDN. 

What are the steps in Master Thesis Writing?

Here our Master thesis topics in SDN Project shared some Tips and Do’s to build a strong thesis to reduce your hardship in thesis making. 

  • Be beyond in declaring an issue – join a current discussion by taking a stand on an issue or offering an interpretation of things like a text, a policy, a new technical finding, etc.
  • Be specific – Exclude most of the broad material relevant to your topic and claim your research point by focus more narrowly on some specific aspect of your topic.
  • Emphasis the “what, why, and how” type questions of your argument – what are you claiming, why you believe this to be true, important, etc., and how you will approach your topic.
    • Create a Thesis Question
    • Brainstorm Answers
    • First-rate a Thesis Answer
    • Make a Thesis Road Map
    • Add Emphasis

For scholar’s ease, our expert panel are forwarding to reveal the latest advances in SDN Project by speaking about research issues, recent trends, and future internet vision from model, deployment, and operation viewpoints.