Security System Thesis

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Security System Thesis Configuration

  • Index matters
  • Introduction
    • Methodologies
    • Problem Statement
    • Thesis Contributions
    • Chapters Arrangement
  • Pilot Study
    • 50+ Reputed Papers
    • Comparison on Literature
    • Summarization on Literature
    • Research Issues
  • Proposed Security System
    • System Overview and Assumption
    • System Architecture
    • Algorithm Description and Evaluation
    • Mathematical Formulations
  • Experimental Evaluation
    • Experimental Setup
    • Comparative Analysis
    • Security Analysis
    • Complexity Analysis
  • Conclusion

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Security System Thesis Domains: You have to know,


  • Lightweight cryptosystems
  • Routing attack detection (Sinkhole, wormhole, SYN flood)
  • Secure handover (in 5G, LTE, LTE-A, LTE-M)
  • Secure network slicing and data transmission
  • Dynamic secure spectrum handoff
  • Source location privacy in VANETs


  • Virtualized security entities (firewalls)
  • Secure and semantic search
  • Fully homomorphic indexing
  • Adaptive access control (Blockchain Technology, ABE)
  • Service availability in SD-Cloud
  • Secure cloud federation and clustering


  • Edge-enabled DDoS detection and mitigation
  • Distributed security credential management
  • User behavior profiling and authentication
  • Privacy preservation and anonymity
  • Trust management against data breaches
  • Secure offloading in edge-fog
  • Lightweight ML-based IDS


  • Device and user authorization
  • Blockchain based distributed security
  • IoT malware and botnet detection
  • Digital evidence collection
  • Automatic insider detection
  • Continuous monitoring and authentication
  • Hardware security (PUF, Trojan detection)


  • Deep learning for attack detection
  • HDFS storage privacy and security
  • Privacy-aware third-party auditing
  • Secure deduplication and data sharing
  • Personalized user behavior profiling
  • Secure data retrieval through hadoop
  • MapReduce for fast multimedia encryption

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