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The Interplay Between Massive MIMO and Underlaid D2D Networking

In a device-to-device (D2D) underlaid cellular network, the uplink spectrum is reused by the D2D transmissions, causing mutual interference with the ongoing cellular transmissions. Massive MIMO is appealing in such a context as the base station’s (BS’s) large antenna array can nearly null the D2D-to-BS interference. The multi-user transmission in massive MIMO, however, may lead to increased […]

Scalable mobile backhauling via information-centric networking

The rapid traffic growth fueled by mobile devices spread and high speed network access calls for substantial innovation at network layer. The content-centric nature of Internet usage highlights the limitations of the host-centric model in coping with dynamic content-to-location binding, mobility, multicast, multi-homing, etc. If transmission capacity speedups in the backhaul may hide inefficiencies in the short term, the […]

WA-Method-TLV improves reliability of GMPLS WDM networks against multiple link failures

Concurrent multi-link failures in GMPLS Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) networks can disrupt a large number of active optical circuits. These circuits need to be quickly restored in order to avoid prolonged traffic disruptions at the higher layers. The distributed nature of the GMPLS control plane requires that independent restoration attempts are conducted for each disrupted […]

Social Networking Sites and Computer Encodings in China, 2008–2012

Technical objects constrain what users do with them. They are not neutral entities but embody information, choices, values, assumptions, or even mistakes embedded by designers. What happens when a technology is designed in one culture and used in another? What happens, for example, when a Chinese user is confronted by Roman-alphabet-embedded interfaces? In this book, Basile […]

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