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Scalable segment routing???a new paradigm for efficient service provider networking using carrier ethernet advances

Segment routing has recently been proposed in the IETF toward making IP/MPLS networks service oriented while simplifying network operations. Segment routing computes paths at the source node using node identifiers and adjacency identifiers conjoined together to create a source-routed path. We propose a scalable transport paradigm as an enabler toward implementing segment routing in provider […]

Modeling and Simulation of Data Flow for VLAN-Based Communication in Substations

IEC 61850, the standard for communication in substations, has resolved the interoperability between intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) from different vendors. Thus, the IEDs’ uniform communication standard contributes to the realization of more sophisticated functionality in substation automation systems. However, there are still several issues unsolved for the simulation, planning, and extension of substation communication network […]

Reconfigurable Network Systems and Software-Defined Networking

Modern high-speed networks have evolved from relatively static networks to highly adaptive networks facilitating dynamic reconfiguration. This evolution has influenced all levels of network design and management, introducing increased programmability and configuration flexibility. This influence has extended from the lowest level of physical hardware interfaces to the highest level of network management by software. A key representative of […]

Software defined and virtualized wireless access in future wireless networks: scenarios and standards

Future wireless networks are expected to provide augmented and data-intensive services in a multi-vendor multi-proprietor scenario. This scenario introduces relevant challenges to the networking infrastructure, especially in terms of flexibility and interoperability, that could be addressed by extending the concept of Virtualization and Software Defined Networking (SDN) to the wireless or wired-cum-wireless world. This paper provides a review of […]