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Scalable resilience for Software-Defined Networking using Loop-Free Alternates with loop detection

In this paper we propose a novel resilience scheme for OpenFlow-based Software-Defined Networking (SDN). To forward packets in line speed, OpenFlow switches store their flow tables in expensive, limited TCAM due to which the stored tables cannot be large.Most resilience mechanisms require additional entries thus the implementation in OpenFlow may quickly exceed the available TCAM.

Efficient scheduling of sporadic tasks for real-time wireless sensor networks

Industrial automation requires hard real-time delivery of data that can be of periodic or sporadic in nature. It is challenging to ensure hard real-time delivery of periodic and sporadic data to a multi-hop away destination in a bandwidth constrained environment, such as wireless sensor networks. In this regard, research has been done for joint scheduling […]

Link adaptation strategy for healthcare application on IEEE 802.15.4 WPANs

The signaling of the healthcare applications needs the error performance and the multiple data rate for different target rates of various bio-signals. In this paper, we propose a link adaptation strategy on the multi-rate modulation set for IEEE 802.15.4 wireless personal area networks (WPANs). The protocol stack made by the network simulator OPNET is used […]

Overlapping community structure detection in multi-online social networks

Overlapping community structures can reflect the fact that an individual can belong to more than one community, especially the individuals in social networks. It is important to detect overlapping community structures in online social networks. In this paper, an overlapping community detection algorithm is proposed for online social networks. Different from previous works, this algorithm can be […]