A new hybrid traffic generation model for Tactical Internet reliability test

Tactical Internet (TI) is the communication infrastructure of tactical level maneuver warfare forces; its reliability directly affects the military combat. Therefore, in the TI reliability test, how to generate the appropriate network traffic and get the most accurate evaluation results should be an important part of the TI reliability test research. This paper analyzes the characteristics of applications and traffic in TI, and proposes a new hybrid traffic model which can reflect TI mission profile, to generate traffic for TI reliability test. Firstly, we research the current popular traffic generation technologies of network reliability test area, and point out their advantages and disadvantages.

Secondly, according to the research result of traffic generation technologies, we propose a method for application traffic generation and combine it with background traffic generation method. Then the completed hybrid traffic model which includes application traffic generation method and background traffic method is proposed. Based on this traffic model, application traffic and background traffic are generated for TI reliability test and can get the most accurate reliability evaluation result. Finally, all the theories and models are verified by a case study. In the same case, we get the reliability test results by using hybrid traffic generation method and reliability simulation results by using OPNET, according to comparing both results, the ranges of reliability curves are same and the effectiveness of the method is proven.