A Survey of Security Attacks in Information-Centric Networking

Information-centric networking (ICN) is a new communication paradigm that focuses on content retrieval from the network regardless of storage location or physical representation of this content. In ICN, securing the content itself is much more important than securing the infrastructure or the end-points. To achieve the security goals in this new paradigm, it is crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the ICN attacks, their classification, and proposed solutions.

In this paper, we provide a survey of attacks unique to ICN architectures and other generic attacks that have an impact on ICN. It also provides a taxonomy of these attacks in ICN, which are classified into four main categories: naming, routing, caching, and other miscellaneous related attacks. Further, the paper shows the relation between ICN attacks and unique ICN attributes; ICN attacks and security requirements: confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy. Finally, the paper presents the severity levels of ICN attacks and discusses the existing ICN security solutions.