C23. Self-healing autonomic networking for voice quality in VoIP and wireless networks

This paper provides a novel approach for automatically enhancing voice quality with reference to user’s Quality of Experience (QoE). It is based on in-service quality assessment in Voice over the InternetProtocol (VoIP). The proposed scheme includes three phases: (1) automatic user quality assessment with diagnostic features, (2) fault localization in case of user quality experience degradation, and (3) dispatch control for quality recovery.

In the first phase, QoS is measured using the Speech Quality Monitor (SQM) that provides the estimated overall quality mean opinion score (MOS) as well as identifying the main impairment that causes the degradation leading MOS to be below certain level. Based on the root cause of the degradation, the network fault is located in the second phase through the global network Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring. Finally in the third phase, control is dispatched through the QoS control, maintaining quality. Wireless networks are also considered. This way, the voice is kept at high quality.