Future Directions in Cable Networks, Services and Management

This chapter describes cloud, virtualization, software-defined networking (SDN), and self-managed concepts, architectures, and their building blocks, as possible future directions for multiple-system operator (MSO) networks and services. Cloud computing technologies are emerging as infrastructure services for provisioning computing and storage resources on demand in a simple and uniform way.

Cloud-based virtualization allows for easy upgrade and migration of enterprise application, including also the whole IT infrastructure segments, which brings significant cost saving compared to traditional infrastructure development and management requiring good amount of manual work. SDN is defined by open networking foundation (ONF) as an emerging architecture that is dynamic, manageable, cost-effective, and adaptable. The chapter explains self-managed network concept, network element (NE) and network management system (NMS) architectures, and fault management communication mechanisms for centrally and distributedly self-managed networks. The concept is applied to virtual networks (VNs) and SDN.