IASS: An intelligence access selection scheme for heterogeneous networks

In heterogeneous network environment, it is important to choose an appropriate access network for a Multimode Mobile Terminal (MMT). Currently, there are some methods proposed to make network access selection decision. However, those methods didn’t consider some dynamic attributes and could not offer effective handoff strategies.

In this paper, we introduce an Intelligence Access Selection Scheme for Heterogeneous Networks (IASS) which make decision based on context-awareness and predictable dynamic information (e.g. random terminal mobility, possible resident time). We introduce a generic algorithm-back propagation neural network model (GA-BP) which combines the characteristics of both GA and BP. The IASS can select the certain access network according to context and QoS (Quality of Service) requirements. Simulation results show the IASS could improve the effectiveness of handoff decision-making and reduce handoff frequency.