ID-based communication for realizing IoT and M2M in future heterogeneous mobile networks

Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) communication are expected to be the major paradigm of communications in the future Internet, where trillion of devices will be connected through heterogeneous mobile networks that will vary in both networking and link technologies. The IoT/M2M devices need to remain connected despite they change their points of attachment frequently to the network either due to mobility or simply switching links in the overlapped wireless coverage for better connectivity.

To meet the needs of IoT/M2M devices regarding secured connectivity and seamless mobility in heterogeneous networks, we have proposed an ID-based communication network architecture, called HIMALIS, which includes several network functions suitable for IoT/M2M such as secure initial configuration of devices for network access, device discovery, remote monitoring, and control. It provides a set of simple programming interfaces to users, thus enabling the development of various IoT/M2M applications independently of underlying networking protocols. We also introduce our recent implementation of HIMALIS sensor devices to demonstrate the proof of concept. These sensor devices have been included in the JOSE testbed network, which is available to use in the Japanese domestic and international joint projects.