Network security is the significant process used to shield data possessions from unauthorized or malicious attacks. Similarly, it deploys to safeguard the data which is stored in the computer system against destruction and unauthorized disclosure. Communication security is used to protect the data during the transmission period. If you searching for network security project topics, reach our team for latest network security based project ideas.

            In network security, the network got accessed through the authorization of data and that is regulated by the network administrator. The ID and password which is allocated or selected by the user or the data verification permit the right of entry of the data and programs.

How does network security works?

  • Technical Network Security
    • It is used to regulate the data which is stored in the computer system. Double protection is permitted here, such as the data and system is protected using against unauthorized personnel, and it’s essential to guard against the malicious attacks
  • Administrative Network Security
    • The administrative network security includes the security policies and the procedures such as the characteristics of the user and how they are verified and the stages of access
  • Physical Network Security
    • It is one of the fundamental needs for all organizations to authenticate and regulate the locks and such devices
    • It regulates the data protection of the network and protects unauthorized personal against physical access such as the cabling cupboards, routers, firewalls, etc.

In network security, there are many layers in the process of addressing the network security over the organization. But attack may occur in any network layer in the network security layer model and the network security software and the hardware are designed to notice the attacks.

Top 12 Interesting Network Security Project Topics

  • IP Security and Multicast Security
  • Access Control for Networks
  • Fast Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Spam and Spyware
  • Router Security
  • Anonymity and Internet Voting
  • Information Hiding
  • Secure Protocols (SSH, SSL…)
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Cryptology
  • Phishing
  • PKI

What are the 5 reasons for network security problems?

  • Poor  Defence information’s
  • Decline Users Account Privileges
  • Need to improve Security Vulnerabilities
  • Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities
  • Need to regularize Network Assets

The administrative security controls in the network system include the security process and policies as well as the user’s authentication in the access stage. The five recent issues in network security projects are listed below

latest top 12 network security project topics
What are the five latest network security issues?
  • Privacy Issues
  • Security Breaches
  • Authentication Issues
  • Malicious Attacks
  • Data Loss

Security mechanism includes the various tools and techniques used to deploy for the development of the security services and the mechanism functions with the provision of a particular service to craft novel network security project topics using opnet.

Network Security Mechanisms
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Message Digests
  • Digital Signatures
  • Digital Certificates
  • Cryptography

Functioning of the security services over the security mechanisms and the mechanisms such as

  • Notarization Mechanisms
  • Access Control Mechanisms
  • Encipherment Mechanisms
  • Traffic-Padding Mechanisms
  • Digital Signatures
  • Routing Control Mechanisms

The Primary network security attacks are

  • Application Level Attacks
  • Spoofing  Intrusion Attacks
  • Denial of Service (Dos) Attacks
  • Eavesdropping Attacks
  • Hijacking Attacks
  • Logon Abuse Attacks

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