Opnet Simulator

In this section we are going to discuss about what are the researches are done in the following types of networks using Opnet Simulator.

  • Tele communication network using Opnet simulator.
  • 5G Network using Opnet simulator.
In the realm of modern financial transactions in New Zealand, online payments have become an integral part of everyday life, offering convenience and efficiency. One notable feature that has gained popularity is the automatic payments, allowing users to easily manage recurring payments and subscriptions. Whether it’s utility bills, mortgage payments, or service subscriptions, the automatic payment option has become a cornerstone of the digital payments landscape in New Zealand. At the same time, the development of telecommunication networks plays a crucial role in improving the reliability and efficiency of communication. The Opnet simulator has become a powerful tool for modeling and analyzing telecommunications networks, allowing researchers and engineers to simulate various scenarios and optimize network performance. As New Zealand continues to be embraced by technological advancements, the synergy between online payments and telecommunications networks, fostered by tools such as the Opnet simulator, reflects a broader trend toward a digitally integrated and technologically advanced society.

Applications of Opnet simulator on telecommunication network:

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  • Powered Ethernet systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Modems, phones and fax machines etc
  • VOIP equipment.
  • MDF modules.

Opnet Simulator on 5G Projects:

  • 5G is a set of evolved network technologies.
  • But 5G aims to provide unlimited access to information and the ability to share data anywhere, anytime by anyone and anything for the benefit of people, businesses and society.


Need for 5G using Opnet Simulator:

  • Latency
  • Traffic capacity
  • Smart communication
  • Data throughput
  • Technology convergence
  • Data integrity.
  • Energy consumption,

Advantages of 5G using opnet simulator 

  • Ubiquitous thing computing
  • Great service in a crowd
  • Super real-time and reliable connections
  • Many simple devices coverage
  • Bit-rate delay
  • Delay, reliability ad new industrial applications.
  • Amazingly fast.

Opnet Simulator aims to provide a setup for communication between two or more spatially-separated users by electronic means, wherein the users might send/receive a broad variety of information in the form of voice, video data.