Proactive Relay Selection With Joint Impact of Hardware Impairment and Co-Channel Interference

In this paper, we investigate the end-to-end performance of dual-hop proactive decode-and-forward relaying networks with Nth best relay selection in the presence of two practical deleterious effects: i) hardware impairment and ii) co-channel interference. In particular, we derive new exact and asymptotic closed-form expressions for the outage probability and average channel capacity of Nth best partial and opportunistic relay selection schemes over Rayleigh fading channels. Insightful discussions are provided.

It is shown that, when the system cannot select the best relay for cooperation, the partial relay selection scheme outperforms the opportunistic method under the impact of the same co-channel interference (CCI) . In addition, without CCI but under the effect of hardware impairment, it is shown that both selection strategies have the same asymptotic channel capacity. Monte Carlo simulations are presented to corroborate our analysis.