Spectral Efficiency and Throughput Enhancement by Full-Duplex D2D Communication in Mobile Clouds

In this paper we consider downlink resource sharing for full-duplex (FD) device-to-device (D2D) communications underlying cellular network. We aim to maximize the system throughput and increase the spectral efficiency in wireless communications by integrating the concepts of D2D and FD communications. We formulate a throughput maximization problem and then based on its constraints we analytically derive the outage probability of the sharing cellular device and the probability of success of FD D2D communications.

We investigate a position-dependent resource sharing mechanism to derive a spectral efficient zone (SEZ) for resource allocation which can lead to higher spectral efficiency while guaranteeing system throughput. Numerical results show that with a proper position-based resource allocation mechanism and self-interference (SI) cancellation techniques FD D2D communications can guarantee higher spectral efficiency and overall system throughput in comparison to conventional half-duplex (HD) D2D communications.