Hybrid WLAN Markov Chain to Handle TCP and UDP Traffic

In the Modern Era of computing, The Wireless communication has gained popularity with the passage of time due to unique features, e.g. Flexibility, cost effective and easy to configure as compare to traditional wired networks. Since 1990swireless networks become the backbone of every network and there are lots of concerns in wireless communication, which are needed to address to achieve effectiveness and productivity. Allot of organization switches from a wired network to wireless network due to its simple and cost effective solution.

IEEE defines wireless standards and continues improvements are done with the passage of time to overcome deficiencies. In this paper, we perform an analysis of TCP and UDP traffic in WLANs, we proposed a hybrid WLAN Markov chain to increase the efficiency of the back off windows scheme. The results are validated using OPNET Modeler, which shows that the proposed back off windows scheme perform better as compare to default backoff windows scheme.