Traffic Engineering Using Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) for Delay Sensitive Traffic

Traffic engineering is one of the most challenging topics in Multi-protocol Label switching (MPLS) which deal with controlling traffic in such a way so that optimized path can be achieved with respect to network utilization and efficient data delivery. Internet traffic use Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) to send traffic over the network using the shortest path, Which causes the problem of the overlapping, the links, traffic congestion and traffic from the source to destination can exceed the traffic capability to send the data to a destination and media will be stuck.

In this paper, we propose design and simulation of network, which will enable the traffic-engineering concept using IGP for delay sensitive traffic. We also propose a model, which performs better for delay sensitive traffic using MPLS. Our proposed solution is validated using OPNET, which is a network simulation tool, the results shows that delay sensitive traffic can be handled proactively while using MPLS.