A new bandwidth-efficient multicast routing scheme for mobile Ad hoc Networks

This paper proposes an improved scheme based on Bandwidth-Efficient Multicast Routing (BEMR) for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) to further reduce the control overhead whilst increasing the overall bandwidth efficiency. After carefully studying the original BEMR design, two new approaches are proposed to enhance the BEMR performance. One is in the tree set-up phase, while the other is for broken link recovery.

Both the original BEMR and the new scheme (IBEMR) are simulated in self-developed OPNET-based platform. The IBEMR scheme eventually builds a shared tree for this multicast group rather than a dedicate tree for a particular multicast sender generated by original BEMR. The result shows that for both route setup phase and route recovery phase, the IBEMR scheme provides better multicast efficiency with further reduced communication overhead.