Research on dynamic routing algorithm of the combat collaboration communication network

The military communication system is the key element to make a victory in the battle. In general, the combat collaborative communication network is a multi-hop and autonomous system, which is composed by a group of mobile nodes with wireless communication ability. The network has some features such as no center, self-organizing, multi-hop routing and dynamic topology. Because of the bandwidth limitation and host energy restriction, this kind of network has some weaknesses during the operation, such as long time to establish routing, overmuch maintenance information, weak anti-damage ability and low transfer efficiency.

The new dynamic routing algorithm in this paper, which combines the location information with intelligent ant colony algorithm, can quickly update the dynamic routing table and improve the linkage robustness. This paper also verifies the algorithm by the OPNet and compares the algorithm with the traditional routing protocols. The results demonstrate that the new algorithm can effectively reduce routing maintenance information, shorten the route setting-up time, and improve the routing forwarding and anti-jamming ability during information transmission.