Multi-Focus Image Fusion Based on Spatial Frequency in Discrete Cosine Transform Domain

Multi-focus image fusion in wireless visual sensor networks (WVSN) is a process of fusing two or more images to obtain a new one which contains a more accurate description of the scene than any of the individual source images. In this letter, we propose an efficient algorithm to fuse multi-focus images or videos using discrete cosine transform (DCT) based standards in WVSN.

The spatial frequencies of the corresponding blocks from source images are calculated as the contrast criteria, and the blocks with the larger spatial frequencies compose the DCT presentation of the output image. Experiments on plenty of pairs of multi-focus images coded in Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) standard are conducted to evaluate the fusion performance. The results show that our fusion method improves the quality of the output image visually and outperforms the previous DCT based techniques and the state-of-art methods in terms of the objective evaluation.