Prospects for electric vehicles technology with renewable energy sources in a Smart-Grid environment – An introduction

This article is focused on issues concerning electric vehicle technology, linked to the use of renewable sources and their incorporation into the concept of modern automated (unattended) traffic systems – ATS. This concept creates an ideal environment for the generation and development of so-called “Smart Grids”.

Deployment of electric vehicles (herein abbreviated to EV) and automated traffic systems in the Smart Grids will enormously reduce the costs and accelerate the massive and large-scale onset of electric mobility, which will in turn result in the dramatically increased stability of electricity grids, as well as a revaluation of the hitherto known renewable energy sources which will not be restricted by the limited capacity of the present distribution networks. The interconnection of technologies will result in a complete solution to the use of renewable energy sources as the most lucrative energy source for automotive transport with a new revolutionary perspective on issues concerning the stability of energy and distribution networks, and their transformation into Smart Grids.